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The Chemistry of Nutrition

In an era of branded ingredients and private label supplements with ambiguous, unclear sourcing stories, ours remains resolute: every nutrient is produced in conjunction with our Italian and Brazilian affiliates that uphold world-class quality standards.

When you discover a need, you must deliver a solution. Chemi Nutra is the solution: the source for premium, focused nutritional ingredients for discerning food, beverage, and supplement brands that target specific health needs.

Ingredients to Succeed

It’s the extra push that powers you through the final set in the gym. It’s the sustained focus that allows you to complete the task at hand. It’s the drive for knowledge to ensure every ingredient you consume is the highest quality and clinically validated.

Chemi Nutra is diligent in filling those gaps so your product can take your customers to the finish line. With Sports Nutrition ingredients, every workout brings them closer to their goals. With Brain Health and Mood products, your customers can relax and focus. And with General Nutrition, you can support healthy aging and essential nutrition.

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Protein sport shake, meal bar and powder.

Chemi Nutra in the News

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Pharmaceutical Origins Since 1973

As a subsidiary of Italfarmaco, an Italian drug company, Chemi Nutra’s raw materials and manufacturing processes are held to the absolute highest standard: pharmaceutical grade. 

Our parent company, Chemi S.p.A., and sister company, ITF Chemical Ltda, manufacture our ingredients in Patrica, Italy, and Camaçari, Brazil, respectively. Both excel in chemical-pharmaceutical markets with specialties in active ingredients like phospholipids and peptides. Chemi Nutra is based in Austin, Texas, where we have supply on hand so you can expect efficient, reliable shipments.

Customer-First Service

We support our customers through product sample evaluation, technical application assistance, scientifically backed research, and product availability. We are proud to help our customers’ premium consumer goods stand out on the shelf, empowering them with clinically tested and proven attributes they can leverage in their own marketing stories.

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