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Supplement Solutions for Top Brands

As an ingredient manufacturer, Chemi Nutra provides trusted solutions for a variety of need states. Explore ingredients backed by 50 years of expertise and rigorous research.

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Brain Health & Mood

Find nootropics for every need. From cognitive support for general brain function and memory to concentration for work, school, and video games, or mood-balance ingredients to relax and sleep better.

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Sports Nutrition

From pre-workout to recovery, we have ingredients to level up any sports drink, gel, and gummy with clinically backed research. Delay fatigue to power through workouts or fuel your body for optimum recovery to build muscle.

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General Nutrition

Iron supplements that are gentle on the stomach support a wide variety of consumers in everything from targeted nutrition to a daily multivitamin. Chemi Nutra also has ingredients for healthy aging, which help with age-related memory impairment.

Contact Us About Making Your Ideal Product

We work with you to create the most viable product that helps consumers reach their goals. We answer questions big and small through technical support, ingredient selection, and more than 50 years of experience.

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