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March 9, 2016

Chemi Nutra Introduces Novel, Water Dispersible, Health Benefiting, Specialty PS And PA Phospholipids For Functional Beverages

Austin, TX — Chemi Nutra proudly announces the introduction of novel, water dispersible specialty phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidic acid (PA) phospholipid ingredient compounds, for use in applications including beverages, RTDs, shots, and gels, while providing documented, unique health benefits.

SerinAid® Disperse 3.0F contains Chemi’s patented, water dispersible PS, notable, as PS is considered one of the safest, most scientifically studied natural compounds for maintaining and improving cognitive abilities — concentration, learning, memory, recall, and focus – as well as benefiting dementia, mood, stress, and behavioral attention deficits. PS has been granted two qualified health claims by the FDA, related to cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly.

Mediator® Disperse 7.5F contains Chemi’s patented, water dispersible PA, scientifically proven to significantly activate the mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling pathway, which in turn regulates both muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown – in essence, providing increased muscle mass and strength gains to individuals engaged in muscle stressing type exercise.

These specialty water dispersible compounds were developed in collaboration with 3i Solutions, Wooster, OH, the world leader in ingredient nanodispersion technology. About 20 years ago, we began working with 3i Solutions to perfect a stable, highly bioavailable, water dispersible, liposomal PS. With 3i Solutions’ demonstrated capabilities and our combined application knowledge in functional drinks, we are very excited that SerinAid® Disperse PS and Mediator® Disperse PA can now be easily and effectively added to functional beverages, a rapidly evolving segment in the functional foods and sports nutrition arenas”, said Scott Hagerman, president of Chemi Nutra.

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