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May 4, 2019

Chemi Nutra Launches CholineAid® A-GPC

Austin, TX – Chemi Nutra proudly announces that CholineAid® Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC), recognized by the scientific community as a potent, highly bioavailable, and fast acting choline, has been officially launched. CholineAid® A-GPC is 100% natural (not synthetic), tasteless, odorless, 100% water soluble, non-reactive, stable, full FDA GRAS, and fully research validated. It can be used in all forms of dietary supplements and foods, including in pets – in capsules, powders, beverages, shots, gummies, chewing gum, and more.

Choline, the highly bioactive component in CholineAid® A-GPC, is an essential nutrient required for all stages of life, and it plays a critical role in liver function, brain development, muscle movement, nervous system function, and metabolism. Numerous published papers state that A-GPC, is considered the most active of choline-containing phospholipids in increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain (cognitive functioning), and in motor units that activate fast muscle contraction (power and strength).

CholineAid® A-GPC is rapidly absorbed as choline and readily crosses the blood-brain barrier. In contrast, there are several published studies demonstrating that common choline salts, choline chloride and choline bitartrate, are not effective in brain metabolism as detected by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), and had no effect on memory in healthy, young, human adults.

“Nearly 20 years ago, Chemi Nutra introduced our branded A-GPC to the supplement industry, and it is proven safe and legal for use, unlike synthetic A-GPC, and is patented and produced in our own plant in Italy. Our all natural branded A-GPC is used in thousands of finished products – nutritional supplements, sports supplements, and beverages and shots. We have sponsored numerous published studies on our branded A-GPC, demonstrating its impressive cognitive and strength and exercise performance benefits. In fact, I am not aware of any other A-GPC brand ever being investigated in any study, let alone having published safety studies, being full FDA GRAS, and having a long history of safe use.”

“Without doubt, our branded A-GPC is one of the most effective functional ingredients to ever exist. With the launch of CholineAid® A-GPC, Chemi Nutra can now enter into a new realm as a highly bioavailable choline source, to provide significant health benefits to people and pets of all ages”, said Scott Hagerman, president of Chemi Nutra.

Chemi Nutra is the US business unit of parent company Chemi S.p.A., a privately held pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company based in Milan, Italy. Chemi, with cGMP certified manufacturing facilities in Italy and Brazil, is best known in the U.S. nutritional arena for its introduction of both phosphatidylserine (PS) and A-GPC.

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