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General Nutrition for Daily Support

For everything we need in a day, Chemi Nutra supplies the ingredients for private label or white label applications like supplements, drinks, powders, and more. Our nutrient production facilities are held to pharmaceutical standards, so you can expect safety and purity while you create custom products.

Everyday Essentials & Healthy Aging

  • Support to Counteract Muscle Loss
  • Critical Supplementation
  • Memory Aid 
  • Brain Health Support

US consumers who see wellness as a top daily priority, up 8% from 2020, McKinsey Insights.

Iron: An Essential Nutrient

Women and those who don’t eat meat are more likely to be low in iron. As an iron source, IronAid® Iron Protein Succinylate is easy to absorb and gentle on the stomach.

Mature female in elderly care facility gets help from a hospital personnel nurse.

Healthy Aging with Memory Support

Age-related memory impairment is normal, but undesirable. Supplementation with SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine has been shown to improve memory in the elderly.

Older, male physical therapy patient using physiotherapy bands for rehabilitation.

Healthy Aging & Muscle Growth 

Muscle mass decreases with age, which contributes to mobility issues and increases the risk of fractures. Exercise grows muscle mass, and with Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid, muscle gains are amplified. 

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We work with you to create the most viable product that helps consumers reach their goals. We answer questions big and small through technical support, ingredient selection, and more than 50 years of experience.

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